A Great Cup of Coffee Starts With Great Coffee Beans

Coffee beans vary in their flavor, aroma, acidity and body. The difference in the taste of different beans comes from the different regions where the beans are grown. The three main producing regions of the world are Africa, South America and the Asian-Pacific region. Each region instills its own characteristic flavors and aromas into their beans.

The taste of good coffee depends on the climate, soil and cultivation methods involved in the production of the bean. Coffee beans contain hundreds of compounds that give it body, flavor and aroma. When choosing your beans, remember that Arabica beans are of a much higher quality than Robusta beans. Robusta beans are often used as a filler bean in lower-end, coffee beans products. The roasting and brewing processes also greatly impact the taste of your coffee.

The next step to choosing a great bean is to determine what kind of coffee you prefer. For example, if you want a bright coffee with a fruity nuance, you probably want to buy beans from Kenya. If you prefer a bold cup of coffee, you will most likely prefer coffee from Indonesia. On the other hand, Brazilian coffee has a mild, nutty flavor with slight floral hints. Colombian beans, on the other hand, produce a rich cup of coffee that is full of clean and bright flavors. Beans from Sumatra will have a dark, rich, smokey flavor.

After choosing the kind of bean you prefer, keep in mind that the way the beans are roasted is also important in determining the flavor, body and aroma of your cup of coffee. The darker roasts are French or Italian roasts. Espresso is the classic Italian roast that is silky in texture and often has undertones of cocoa. Few things beat a finely-roasted, espresso coffee bean. However, do be aware that sometimes the beans that are subjected to higher temperatures may lose most of their flavor and nuances during the roasting process. It is possible that the inferior quality of a particular coffee bean is hiding behind the deep, heat-induced flavor of a dark roast. When you purchase a dark-roasted bean, make sure that it is from a high-quality coffee producer. In this way, you will purchase a dark roasted bean that retains a good depth of flavor. Remember to always buy coffee beans that are whole and freshly roasted, regardless of the region in the world where they were grown.



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