22 Jul

A Step by Step Online Gift Basket Business

Your web page is your storefront when you decide to start an online gift New perfume basket business. To display your goods in an appealing manner, to project your positive image and to entice customers into placing orders, you really need to carefully plan out your website layout and think of every aspect of your online gift basket shop.It’s where your customers and potential clients can view your samples, prices and product updates. Here are a few ideas to promote your website and online business:

First Step- Design Your Product Line

Do you wish to design all your baskets yourself, create a model, photograph it to then put it on your website? Or do you want to sell pre-made baskets that you can buy from any gift basket supply wholesaler? If you are creative and enjoy putting together baskets you will probably want to design your own. A selection of 15-25 baskets is quite adequate to launch your web based business. Make sure to have many options that will be suitable for any occasion such as Candy Baskets, Movie Baskets, Gourmet Baskets and Health Food Baskets as well as a selection of theme baskets that will appeal to some customers such as Chef`s Basket, Golf Theme Basket, Get Well Basket, Fishing Themed Basket, etc…

Step Two-Take Attractive Photos Of Your Selection

Make sure to prepare a neutral background for you to pose your baskets in front of. Do not use cello for the pictures since the reflection and lack of visibility of products will obstruct the proper viewing of the basket. Keep in mind that you can reuse products from one basket to create a mock basket for your picture. Once you have your 15-25 pictures, format them and touch them up on your computer for optimum attractiveness.

Step Three- Establish Prices for Your Product Line

Decide on prices, then write an appealing description of the contents. Stick to general terminology such as box of delicious gourmet truffles instead of Lindt 12 pack Gold Box. You want to keep your options open so that you have no need for panic, just cheer when an order comes in. Compare prices online, then settle on a price that you will be happy with. You need to be rewarded for your time and effort while still offering a comfortable price for the customer. Follow an online gift basket template to enter all your baskets into your website.

Step Four- Decide on your shipping methods While local customers could have a local hand delivery, out-of-town customers will require courier service shipping. Purolator, Fed Ex, CanPar, UPS, investigate your options for quick and efficient shipping. Keep in mind that if you are not delivering your own baskets, you will need to make sure that your baskets are Very sturdy so as to not fall apart during shipping. You will also want to make sure that you are not including perishable fruit that will bruise easily. Go through each scenario in your head and take notes so that you can create a realistic website.

Step Five-Produce Your Web Site Unless your are very computer savy, this is the step that will make you stop dead in your tracks. The easiest way to achieve an effective online gift basket shop is to follow professionally designed web site templates, especially conceived for the basket industry. See below for a link to ideal templates that will help you to easily create the perfect web site to sell lots and lots of baskets.

Step Six- Advertise Your Online Store For potential customers to find you online, there are many things you can do to increase your odds. You can simply pay to have your ad show up when people punch in gift basket+your area. If you want to cut costs, there are many ways to have the search engines find you for free. SEO and Bum Article Marketing is the topic of many articles online.



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