Considering an ADHD Center, What to Look For

The following criteria are helpful for anyone seeking support for ADHD.

An ADHD Center needs to be integrated, holistic and client-focused.

There is no single cure-all that can address ADHD. It is defined by a checklist of symptoms and they vary from individual to individual and because of that, whatever support is given has to be focused on supporting the individual presenting the symptoms and not just a one size fits all approach.

Any center that offers support has to offer a whole range of tried and tested approaches and most importantly offer choice. That choice means comparing information concerning medication versus natural alternatives.

Also within every area of choice there needs to be information to inform further choice Let’s just take the case for supporting ADHD through vitamins for example. A very valid approach to attention defecit disorder as part of an integrated programme. However there is a problem with how the vitamins are sourced and manufactured as this will determine how effective they are. Obviously synthetically produced vitamins which are made from chemicals like ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate are not going to have an impact on helping the condition, compared to vitamin C extracted from organic food sources that are free of additives and occur naturally with bioflavonoids to help the body assimilate it.

Other simple insights like how to muscle test for food sensitivities should be made readily available. There are helpful techniques and insights that are so very effective, simple and natural in all the strategies and remedies that have been researched to have an impact on ADHD symptoms.

Support also needs to be made available to help families who are under stressful circumstances due to the pressure of living with someone with these symptoms.

Most importantly, any Center offering ADHD support will need to make these techniques accessible so that the families themselves, can adopt a tool box for life strategy and maintain their own progress. This needs to also include a process for measuring the effectiveness of these strategies for themselves.

Support should also be underpinned with simple safe approaches that are free from harmful side effects.

This kind of center, staffed by specialists in their particular area of expertise and other members who have experienced and survived similar challenges are invaluable in terms of help and support.

So many so called ADHD support centers. support their own agendas and that includes medical, social and educational agendas concerning families living with ADHD.


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