07 Feb

Enhance Print Quality With Good Printer Cartridges

Ink jet printer cartridges are an important component of every single printer since they provide a continuous supply of ink required for printing. All printer manufacturers make printer and toner cartridges and recommend the usage of their own products in conjunction with a printer from the same company for best quality and perfect images.

Availability Of Quality Ink

Most original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) sell my printer at very low profits, while selling ink for their devices at hefty prices. Until recently, consumers had no other option but to buy costly tecchnology manufactured by the printer companies themselves. The quality of the prints provided by the usage of  cartridges manufactured by OEMs is excellent, but the prices being charged are exorbitant.

In recent years, non-branded compatible and re manufactured ink jet cartridges have come on to the market at prices that are much lower than that charged by OEMs. These products are brand new, include new components and claim to provide the same quality at a lower cost. Some other manufacturers offer re manufactured ink jet cartridges that are compatible with almost all the major brands. These cartridges, once used, become empty and have been refilled, after thorough cleaning and testing to match the standards set by OEM manufactured products.

Lower cost Printer Ink Cartridges

OEMs point out that they have spent huge amounts of money and time to develop the specialised products, which is the reason for the prices being higher than that charged for non-branded products. Actual users of the low cost compatible products have revealed that print quality and images offered by cheaper versions are very good.

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