24 Feb

Garden Netting to Keep Birds Out

Garden nettings are a convenient and easy way to protect your produces, whether they are fruits or other crops. A net is easy to attach to an aluminum scaffolding and is great at keeping the birds off of your premises, but do you really need to get it?

Every year birds cause the most damage in fruit orchards and berry plants. These birds sometimes ruin the whole produce, sometimes they take a bite or two off every apple and it slowly rots away. You can use a scarecrow but most birds don’t sniff at it twice, and keep on taking what they think is theirs. You can keep them away easily, and more importantly, without paying a fortune while doing so.

Industrial premises, like airports tend to use ultra-sound bird repellents, but they also put some ground cover netting on top of their hangars, for the same reasons every gardener should: to keep birds away from places they’re not welcome.

There are several different types of garden nets out there. The price doesn’t always tell you if it’s going to be a good quality net or something the first bird flies right through, but it’s going to be a good indication. The cheaper the net the lower the quality is usually, but if you can have some knitted polyethylene material, you’re in for some serious business. These nets are able to hold off forty pounds of trust, heat and flame resistant, and they’re UV ready as well.

If you don’t want to have a permanent net, and are fine with it holding on for a year, an extruded diamond pattern polyethylene or polypropylene fruit netting is just as good as it gets. It keeps the birds away and is UV protected as well, but won’t stay for more than a year usually. The cheap price makes up for it though, if you were thinking about trying them, it’s a perfectly fine solution.

If your garden is in any way special, or there are tall trees you want to protect, or power wire is in the way, calling an expert is not mandatory, but highly advised. They will help you install a net for a small fee and that is going to be put properly. If an expert installs a net they usually give some warranty as well, taking a look around on the market doesn’t hurt one bit.

If you think a garden netting might be the good solution to keep your fruits safe until they’re ripe, find a local dealership and ask them if they advise it in your particular case. These nettings can be used in great variety of cases, but looking around online is going to save you effort, money and time. Even if you don’t order online, knowing your options is golden.


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