25 Feb

How to Play the Violin – Should I Bother Having Violin Lessons?

One of the main things people wonder about when considering taking up the violin is whether they should have violin lessons. There are many of opinions about it, and to be honest, it depends on how much money you wish to spend on violin lessons, considering there’s also money for violin accessories, books and so forth. Hopefully, I’ll be able to explain to you the main way of taking violin lessons and why it’s worth it.

The most common way to have them of course is to have your own violin teacher! From this, they’ll be able to explain to you what you have done well, what you need to improve on and also what kind of things may be hindering your progress. If you have your own violin teacher, then they’ll be able to help you progress and mature as a violin player so much faster than if you tried to teach yourself how to play the violin. In addition, a violin teacher can show you how to feel and understand the music, and help you develop your own way of musical thinking.

But violin lessons from a professional violin teacher can be quite expensive. Often, they can cost $30 for a half an hour lesson, which usually takes place every week. The lessons can happen inside a music centre or even be taken in the violin teacher’s home. It can really vary! Usually, the buy violin online lessons are arranged so they are held at a set period once a week and at the same time. Violin teachers should be convenient to find in your local area; if not, it is even known that people can set up “online” lessons where they’re done over the internet.

On the whole, this is by far the best way to take violin lessons. Although there are many different routes, such as finding them on the internet by searching them on video hosting websites, such as YouTube. But even though these methods are free, they can be of poor quality and certain people may teach you a certain bad habit which is why I don’t recommend this method. Hopefully, I’ve been able to convince you that having violin lessons with a professional violin teacher is the right way to go.

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