Interior Decorating: Give Any Room The Wow Factor

As basic colors like white and black make a comeback, entire rooms are now being decorated with a complete lack of color. While this may sound like an awesome idea at first, many homeowners are searching for new decorating ideas once they have finished the project and have the sudden realization that the interior of their home is less than appealing. These hot decorating trends are guaranteed to give any room in your house the wow factor while simultaneously adding a pop of color.

Painting Designs

Instead of going with a basic white wall, paint some swirl designs here and there throughout the room. This easy decorating idea will give a living room a burst of color and add more life to it than ever before. For those that are not the best at painting, or are looking for an idea that is less childlike can hire an experienced painting company to paint these on the walls:

• Geometrical shapes, like squares and triangles

• Flowers

• A favorite quote

• Circles

If bright blues and greens sound like a bit much, metallic colors like silver and gold can still help beautify a room without costing more.

Some landlords will not allow their tenants to paint the walls, even if it is just a simple quote or a few squares. These other ideas can give tenants the inspiration that they need to create a unique look and still get their deposit back when it is time to move again.


Accents are the perfect way to help give a room an amazing look. Use colorful accent pillows on couches and chairs, decorate entertainment stands with beautifully decorate vases or flowers and do not forget to include creative picture frames. The internet is full of wonderful ideas on DIY projects, from gluing puzzle pieces and toy cars to picture frames to creating architectural masterpieces that will instantly impress guests.

Wall Décor

While bright colors are sure to make a room pop, some people prefer it if the entire scheme of their home blends nicely together. Bright blue does not exactly blend well with tans and reds, but that does not mean that the indoor landscape has to look dull. Add instant appeal with gorgeous wall art. Home decorating ideas could be as simple as hanging brightly colored pictures of strawberries to beautify a room while still blending colors or hanging elegant golden candle holders along the wall for a timeless look.

Customized Furniture

Furniture is one of the things that will go with tenants wherever they move. Customize furniture to give the rooms of a home a unique look by adding a few personal touches. The wooden legs of tables, chairs and couches can be stained a different color, or spray painted. A stencil and soldering gun can transform a basic wooden table into an elegant work of art that guests will comment on for years as they gaze at delicate vines and rose petals. Customize fabric by upholstering the sofa, or by adding unique patterns into the cloth by hand.


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