04 Mar

Oil Painting Portrait – A Family Keepsake

Looking for the perfect gift to give your loved ones this year, give them an Oil Painting Portrait. It is a very personalized gift, and very original. How many times have you had a friend give you a portrait for your birthday? If you are interested in doing this for someone you love, let us look at how you could do this!

First, you will need a picture of this person, or if it is a family portrait, you will need a family picture. If you are close to them this should not be hard to do. You should make sure that it is a good picture, maybe even one of their favorites. It would not be a bad idea to ask them ahead of time if you could borrow their favorite picture, just do not tell them what you are doing. It would ruin the surprise!

This would be a great gift for anyone close to you, and does not have to be a portrait of him or her. You could get a portrait of just their kids, or even their pets! The ideas are endless, which is what makes this such a fun gift.

Choosing the photo is important, and if they are going to use it in their home, it should compliment the colors in that home. You do not want to give them a photo that has very bright colors that do not match anything in their home. Most likely, this will end up in a closet only to be taken out when you come to visit!

You want to consider size before having the portrait done. If it is too big for the person’s home, they will not be able to hang it anywhere. On the other hand, if it is too small it might not be noticeable to guests. It is best to choose a standard size, that way it can fit anywhere in the home. This is practical because you want your loved one to enjoy the portrait. You do not want it to be a headache for them.

There are many companies that you can take a photograph to, and they will turn it into a beautiful oil painting. Oil paintings last many years, often time’s longer then regular photographs that eventually wear or fade. T

here are many famous photo to oil painting that have not worn or faded after centuries of being on display. These companies will from the portrait when you are done. You can either choose from multiple frames, or can buy one and have them use it. They are often times better then photographs because you know someone put time and effort into its perfection.

Oil painting portrait are great gifts because they show your loved one that you really care. You took the time and effort to have something timeless made for them. It is personalized which is the number one ingredient for a perfect gift! It is impossible not to like a gift that shows obvious time and consideration, as well as love!


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