Understanding The Wiccan Gods

icca is a polytheistic religion, meaning it has more than supreme immortal being. In fact, there are two Wiccan (what we would call) gods.

The first is the Goddess, also known as the Triple Goddess and Mother Earth. The second is a deity who is known as the triple horned god and is occasionally referred to as “Lucifer”, which in Latin means “light bearer”. (Not to be confused with the Christian devil).

Both the Goddess and the Triple-Horned God are said to be different in polarities, which allows them to compliment each other. This makes the God and Goddess the Wiccan Altar Table version of the yin and yang; their differences allow them to be united, where one is weak the other is strong. The Goddess is the moon and the Triple Horned God is the sun.

In the Wiccan religion, the deities are not seen as real people, but Cosmic powers that manifest within any physical being and can be contacted through magic, rituals and festivals.

The Triple Goddess

The Triple Goddess is referred to by many different names and also depicted as a triadic deity: the maiden goddess, Mother goddess and the crone goddess. Other names that the Triple Faced Goddess is known as include:

Mother earth The moon Goddess Diana Wicca.

Most Wiccans perceive the “goddess” as the most important of the two deities. The God is perceived as her consort, the spark within the Goddess that creates her inspiration. This shows in the structure of modern day covens; usually, the head of a coven is female, representing the Goddess as the primary force.

To Wiccans, the Goddress represents: virginity, fertility and – most important of all – wisdom. Modern scholars have discovered and proven that deities known as “triple horned goddesses” were worshiped in the British Isles in ancient and early Medieval times, though it’s still not known if these references are to the same deity as the Wiccan “triple goddess” of today.

The Triple Horned God

Usually, most wiccans refer to their God as ‘the triple horned god”, though he can be known by other names, including: Lucifer, the Devil and Satan. These names have nothing to do with the Christian ideology of “the devil”, the ruler of the underworld; the Wiccan God is peaceable, but these names have been adapted by Wiccans as an acknowledgment of historic times when wiccans were accused of witchcraft and hanged by the neck. Over time, the Christian denunciation of the Wiccan God as a “devil” has slipped into the Wiccan language itself.

Occasionally the Triple Horned God is called the green man, due to his representation of natural world. This is continued by another synonym; the Sun God.

The God is celebrated in many Wiccan festivals, including Litha (better known to non-Wiccans as the summer solstice). The Solstice is, in fact, particularly important to Wiccans; celebrated on the longest day of the year – June 21st – it represents the God giving light and energy to the Goddess.

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