19 Jan

Why Banksy Canvas Art Often Faces Opposition

Banksy canvas art is almost like a delicacy of sorts. If you are a fan of his works, you would have to be in some of the international cities or London to see the artist’s works. However, many attempts have been made to deface or mar the beautiful creations of this artist. Most of these persons are looking for a quick piece of fame in destroying his works.

Why the opposition
One of the main reasons why Banksy canvas art receives so much opposition is because he tries to show society for what it is. Whether it is about cruelty, injustice, corruption, politics etc., Banksy tries to show the ironic side of society. There is always a sarcastic, satirical element to his paintings, which many people do not take to very kindly. Most people and the media speculate that the persons destroying his works are grown-ups and not children. The height of each Banksy canvas art is usually quite high up so it would be very difficult for small children to be able to reach that height.

The artist himself
Many persons have also speculated that Banksy himself has destroyed many a banksy canvas art creation. Often, people upload pictures of these original works and post them on auction sites like eBay etc. These paintings are then sold at exorbitant prices, which have invoked the fury of some people. They are of the opinion that selling his works for such high prices is quite ridiculous especially when these paintings are commonplace in the streets of London. Many times, several Banksy canvas art works have been destroyed within a couple of days. Often, portions of the paint have been wiped out with roller paint in another colour. One such painting even had the phrase ‘all the best’ on it and many speculate this was done by the artist himself. Banksy being the elusive, recluse he is, does not approve of selling his works especially at such exorbitant prices.

Fleeting works of art
In the earlier days, a Banksy canvas art could be seen on the streets of London cities many days at a stretch. Now, it is an entirely different story altogether. These days, getting to see such paintings for many days is a rarity and most often, people tend to remove them within a few days. The main reason for such removal of Banksy canvas art is because of the growing dissent of the commercialisation of his works and the extreme media attention showered on his paintings. Many Londoners actually hate the artist because they believe he has purposely called media attention to himself and his works and that is in bad taste. It almost seems as though everything was fine until Banksy got such massive media attention. Many of his contemporaries have disliked the huge popularity and attention Banksy commands, especially given the fact that he chooses to remain elusive. It can be quite frustrating for contemporary artists to see their work being less appreciated compared to Banksy canvas art when they are the ones giving more interviews and being in the limelight more often! Though Banksy does excel in graffiti, his work is truly art and conveys social messages of tremendous importance.


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