Why Buy A Reclining Wheelchair?

If you are in a wheelchair – don’t you want it to be a comfortable one? When you begin your search for the appropriate wheelchair, you might be baffled by the options available in the market.

For those who have trouble sitting for long periods of time or need to frequently change position, reclining wheelchairs are a good option. Reclining wheelchairs also make life easier for those with certain medical conditions such as severe hip extension contractures and orthostatic hypotension.

Reclining Wheelchairs are specially designed to allow a person to comfortably recliners at incremental angles safely and comfortably. They provide a change in orientation by opening the seat-to-back angle and, in combination with elevating legrests, open the knee angle as well. Sometimes the armrests slide back as the seat-to-back angle opens. This promotes good posture and helps to prevent the arms from slipping when the user seeks a favorable reclining angle.

Looking for reasons to invest in a reclining wheelchair? See the list below to check which one resonates with your thoughts:


    1. Comfort – To increase comfort and increase sitting tolerance.


    1. Pressure Sores – The ability to recline helps distribute body weight and reduce pressure sores.


    1. Transfers – A reclining wheelchair can be adjusted to the same elevation as the bed; the user only needs to slide from the chair to the bed. Sometimes a fully reclined position can help too.


    1. Bladder and Bowel function – Recline systems are of great assistance in bowel and bladder functions. Intermittent catheterization is easier in a reclined position.


    1. Hypotension – To alleviate orthostatic hypotension (medical term for low pressure) by lifting-up of the feet.


    1. For Aesthetic reasons – Many adults prefer the recline system, which they may view as less intrusive in a social or work setting. Activities like lying down, reclining under desks and eating with food trays without disturbing the setup become much easier with recline systems.


  1. Edema and Circulation – Elevating leg rests may assist with edema control and increased circulation in the lower extremities.


Again, a huge advantage with the recline systems is that there are a number of combinations of options whereby one can customize his comfort for specific body parts (upper and lower limbs) along with the back.

To maximize comfort and to re-position user’s legs Recliner Wheelchairs come with an add-on feature of Elevating Legrests (ELRs). The “ELRs” are optional on some models and standard on others. You need to select the type of ELR that suits best to your seating and position needs.

Recliners also come with options to comfort your arms as well. The arm rests of the Recliner Wheelchairs may:


    • be detachable (the popular choice being the KN-880 18″ seat 1597 with Removable Armrest and Elevating Legrest )


    • have support extensions (desk arms)while in the reclining position (available options include Silver Sport Reclining Wheelchair with Detachable Desk Length Arms and Elevating Leg rest,Sentra Reclining Wheelchair with Detachable Adjustable Desk Arms, Sentra Reclining Wheelchair with Detachable Adjustable Full Arms, Viper Plus GT 16″ Reclining Wheelchair with Desk Arms)


  • have flip-back support extensions (desk arms) while in the reclining position (available with Viper Plus Light Weight Reclining Wheelchair with Elevating Leg rest and Flip Back Detachable Desk Arms)


When you are going up a wheelchair ramp, you would want it to happen with the least amount of resistance. Also you will prefer to make your loved ones comfortable, especially if they will have to help you with day-to-day activities. To ensure that your comfort is at its best while your mobility is maximized, there are Recline Wheelchair models with specific features called Ergonomic Recline systems. Such systems provide the perfect fit for you taking into account the factors like your medical needs, daily usage, comfort, the environment in which you will be using your wheelchair – for indoors or outdoors expeditions. A very popular choice is the MVP502 16″ seat Lightweight Ergonomic Reclining 1633.


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